Mission Statement

At Citra lighting, we’re not here for a quick sale of questionable products to boost our bottom line. We focus on empowering customers through education. By providing the latest unbiased lighting industry and product information they will understand all of the available lighting solutions. With this knowledge, they can choose the lighting design that provides the best possible outcome, measured by performance and value.

Vision Statement

We at Citra lighting aim to become one of the nation’s leading lighting implementation companies by the year 2020. This will be achieved through embracing a culture of continual up–to–date industry and product knowledge, educating our client base and crafting well–designed, unbiased engineered, efficient lighting solutions.


Always remain impartial
Staying impartial is integral to our overall approach of offering unbiased product selections. This ensures the highest and best outcomes for our clients.

Industry knowledge drives value
In such a fast moving industry, current knowledge is the key to fulfilling our mission since knowledge is potential power. Our mission is to educate industrial lighting and commercial lighting clients. By communicating this knowledge, the power is in their hands to make well–reasoned decisions for their business.

Keep Clients needs before earnings
What the client requires comes before selling any particular manufacturers product for the sake of making a sale. Instead, Citra lighting’s mission is for developing the optimal solution for each client’s specific needs.

Honesty Trumps All
Our belief is that without honesty we can neither grow as a company nor live by our mission. Honesty is central to our philosophy and thus it trumps all.