Who We Are

There’s Cost and there’s ‘Price’…

Price includes what you pay now and the return on your investment that you earn with the LED lighting solutions you choose. Cost can be what you END UP paying later due to a poor investment decision. This includes loss of money, a loss of time or usually both (especially when you find yourself replacing a shoddy lighting design that so-called LED “manufacturers” installed). Too often they ship bulbs and fixtures from China and slap their label on it to call it ‘theirs’. That’s not a customization. And although it’s perfectly legal, it’s still a rip-off. Plus, the products these LED lighting distributors and companies sell you are ‘cheap’… and the cost ends up being much more than you ever intended to pay.

This is why you won’t find just one particular manufacturer here. You’re provided a tailored report and unbiased recommendations based on YOUR specific project. Period. We navigate you through the myriad of options to ensure you’ll have high quality LED lights and light fixtures from manufacturers that will last you, literally, for years.

Yeah, but I Want It Dirt Cheap!

Sorry, but if that’s really true – if that’s all you honestly care about – you’re in the wrong place. We’re not in the business of shoveling dirt… or anything else. While we serve the whole U.S.A., we’re a Midwest company that believes in Midwest values – you say what you mean and mean what you say… and especially when it comes to doing business.

Our clients are people who are equally intentional about their lighting needs. They don’t want something that simply lights an area. They want a lighting designer. They want someone who provides dependable products and, if necessary, knows how to create an ambiance that influences their employees or customers. Maybe you want your workers to be more productive. Perhaps you’d like your shoppers to spend more. Regardless of your industry or the kinds of commercial or industrial lighting needs you have, illumination really can be the key to your bottom line. It can help in ways you might not have even considered. If you understand how important lighting can be, or would like to learn how the right lighting makes you more profitable, take a few moments to learn about us here or on our mission statement page READ MORE.

Who We Are?

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To answer this question, let’s first start with who we aren’t.

  • We are not a manufacturer of any lighting products
  • We will not make exaggerated claims of LED fixture performance
  • We are not the nations’ leading manufacturer of LED Products
  • We do not claim to have the lowest prices

Many LED companies on the web make these claims. They simply aren’t true. They can’t ALL be the BEST. That’s why you won’t find any ridiculous pitches or claims here like other LED lighting companies often say. We’ll never claim to have the “Most Innovative Solutions”, “Longest Lasting LED’s”, “Highest Efficiency Fixtures on the Market”, “Lowest Cost”, and on and on. Instead, allow us to formally introduce ourselves…

Pleased to Meet You…We’re Citra Lighting

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At Citra lighting, we continuously analyze new products from a variety of LED manufacturers and only represent and specify products from those that we deem have the highest quality products. We dig deep into all test results of the products to determine ‘who makes the cut’. We consult with independent laboratories to verify these test results and obtain what their research has found.

Let’s be brutally honest: most LED fixtures and bulbs on the market do not live up to the hype. It’s buyer beware in an extremely fast–moving industry. If you don’t do your homework it can cost you dearly. You don’t have to worry though. Just call Citra lighting instead – we’re your study buddy because we do all the homework for you.

We follow a reliable five–step process CSDP   (Citra Solution Development Process) to ensure our clients obtain the optimal project outcomes as measured by performance and value, which you can read about under our Process section.

If you’re seriously looking to save money with efficient lighting; if you want to cut electrical expenses and maintenance while improving aesthetics, contact us today. You can make a statement with you lighting that will last you for years if you simply email or call.