Lighting Audit Report Fee? More like a Deposit on your Investment…


Some great things in life are free…..quality lighting audits aren’t one of them. Besides, when commercial lighting companies offer you a ‘free audit’ it’s never truly free. There’s always a catch – and it usually involves you spending more than you should on lighting systems that won’t sustain you. Today, it’s standard practice among our competitors to conduct “free” lighting audits that ends up costing you more. Well, we are not standard and neither are you…

Citra lighting’s five–step process to your specific commercial LED lighting needs is called CSDP (Citra Solutions Development Process). It’s very detailed and time consuming to create such a thorough lighting audit… but it’s important to the overall process of doing your work. So much so that it’s essentially the first step of your job.

Typical ‘free lighting audits’ involve someone walking around with a clipboard; counting your fixtures. They hand you a slip of paper for ‘X’ amount of dollars. It’s sounds simplistic and, for them, it is. But guess what the downside is with these bogus audits? You often end up paying way more for your LED lighting needs because of their one size fits all approach. They’re not researching YOUR requirements. You get a cookie cutter price (and probably cookie cutter quality lights). For people serious about their lighting (and managing their budget effectively) that won’t do…and Citra lighting understands this.

Our lighting professionals examine fixtures from various manufacturers for each application within your project, as well as how the various applications complement one another. This ensures that you obtain the best LED lighting products for YOUR particular needs. This is a laborious process that’s not taken lightly. But it’s absolutely necessary in this fast changing industry where there are new products introduced to the market almost daily.

So How Much is Citra’s CSDP Lighting Audit Report?
Quick answer: How many fixtures do you have?

Exterior lighting is $5.00 a fixture and interior lighting is $2.00 a fixture. Period. Plus, when you do the job with us, that amount comes off your final bill. So, the fee isn’t really a ‘fee’ at all when you work with us. It’s like a deposit.

In case you’re still curious how it works, here’s an example of a price breakdown for each kind of lighting:

Exterior Lighting
Formula: (Number of light fixtures x $5.00)

QTY Type of Fixture (Description) Extended Cost ($5.00 ea.)
12 (10) Poles with (12) Heads $60.00
8 Wallpaks $40.00
5 Flood Lights $25.00
16 11” Recessed Cans $80.00
41 Total Fixtures & Cost $205.00

Interior Lighting
Formula: (Number of light fixtures x $2.00)

QTY Type of Fixture (Description) Extended Cost ($1.00 ea.)
60 2’ x 4’ Troffer $120.00
20 2’ x 2’ Troffer $40.00
50 6” Recessed Cans $100.00
30 Wall Sconces $60.00
160 Total Fixtures & Cost $320.00

In this example, the customer would pay only $525.00 to Citra lighting to conduct our extensive and comprehensive CSDP (Citra Solution Development Process) if they needed lights ‘inside and out’.

It really comes down to this: do you want your lighting audit report done free or do you want it done right? If quality is as important to you as it is to us, then contact Citra lighting. You can learn more about our five-step process by visiting the CSDP page or just get started by …

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