Loving an audit isn’t as impossible as it sounds…

Why can’t you get a free lighting audit report here like those other commercial lighting companies offer? The short answer is those guys don’t do what Citra lighting does. It’s much more than a mere ‘standard’ LED lighting proposal – it’s the first step of the actual job because it covers the entire process of your installation. And that’s the reason why when you work with us that money is taken off your final bill – again, it’s part of the job.

Consider this: Rather than toss out a standard figure for a standard light quote, you’re given a detailed report about your lighting systems that you deserve. This way you receive the optimal LED lighting solutions for your particular application. And trust us, you’ll fall in love with this audit (but be warned, you may never look at another proposal the same way again).

The Citra Solutions Development Process (CSDP) consists of five (5) critical steps to ensure the developed resolution is the best one for YOU. The following graphic illustrates our process in a step-by-step progression.


1. Lighting Audit

The audit is the first step on all lighting design projects. Knowing what type of existing lighting you have greatly helps our Applications Engineers to specify replacement/retro-fitthe light fixtures you need. You’ll also fill out our simple Citra Lighting Questionnaire (CLQ) that defines what’s important to you in regards to your lighting project.

Using our convenient Lighting Audit Form, you just fill out the questions and send pictures of each area you would like to address. That’s it. Your work is done. This self-audit system stream-linesthe process and provides a national reach. That means, regardless of where you are in the United States, Citra lighting, which is based in Michigan, can help you.


2. Data Organization & Analysis

Once your lighting audit information is received, our team organizes the data into Citra’s Proposal Development Software (PDS). Furthermore, by utilizing tools, such as Google Earth, your information can be verified. From there, any developmental questions can be addressed with you so what we quote you will be accurate.

3. Applications Engineering

This is where experts, like Citra lighting, are separated from generic LED lighting companies. Your lighting designer will examine various manufacturer’s products for each specific area of your project. Depending on the atmosphere you want to create, they make selections based on a number of criteria such as:

  • A. Light Output (Lumens)
  • B. Fixture Efficacy (Lumens per watt)
  • C. Quality of LED’s being used
  • D. Optical Control Method
  • E. Color Rendering Index
  • F. Correlated Color Temperature
  • G. Adaptability to Controls
  • H. Drive Current
  • I. Type of Driver
  • J. Heat Dissipation Method
  • K. Aesthetics
  • L. Quality of Finish
  • M. Reputation of Manufacturer
  • N. Financial Strength of Manufacturer
  • O. Product Warranty

4. Detailed Project Economics

These product selections are entered into the PDS Software yet again. From there, each area is sorted into current vs. new light fixtures. This way you know exactly what is being proposing for replacement or retro-fitting. For financial managers, this is a tremendous advantage and time saver because it’s broken down for you. You’ll see a full set of economics, which include:

  • A. Project Cost
  • B. Product Cost (Each fixture is itemized)
  • C. Installation Cost (Each area is itemized)
  • D. Rebates and Incentives
  • E. Energy Savings
  • F. Maintenance Savings
  • G. Payback Period
  • H. ROI (Return of Investment)
  • I. NPV (Net Present Value)
  • J. 10 year Cash – Flow Summary
  • K. Total KWH Current vs. Total KWH New
  • L. Cost of Waiting
  • M. Bill of Materials

5. Detailed Proposal

While a simple one-page proposal with costs lumped together might look easy, it’s not often economical for you because you end up paying more than you have to pay. Honestly, if you just want something fast go see the ‘free quote’ companies. The businesses who work with us are looking at their current needs, but also the long term benefits of choosing the right lighting upfront.

Those customers know that Citra lighting takes the extra steps, not only to be transparent with the proposal, but to completely itemize it so you know exactly what you’re getting (and what you’re paying for). The cover letter even explains why particular fixtures were chosen over others for your special project. And your project is special; it’s not like any other on this entire planet earth.

Citra lighting doesn’t just sell lighting TO you. Instead, your optimal lighting solution is one that’s specific to your application and situation – it’s created for you. If you’re tired of seeing sales gimmicks or being lured in with low price and low quality fixtures, you’re not alone…

We are too…But Citra has the solution…

Call or email an LED lighting company, CITRA  that knows you deserve better and will deliver it.